Codex Executor APK for Android & Windows PC

V12 (2.602)

Codex Executor is one of the finest roblox mobile exploits available as of today. It is built with the latest technologies to provide an unwavering script execution to the users. Though it is stylish in appearance, it has all the latest features that are not available in the other roblox mobile exploits. Actually, you can blindly trust it because, it is developed by the FluxTeam which is a very well known developer team whose other projects such as Fluxus and Delta are a massive success.

The intuitive user interface is so soothing to use and the entire GUI of the executor is just mind blowing. The Codex Executor has a wonderful feature called “Global Scripts”. There you will find tons of scripts that are currently popular and trending. You can just add them to your favorites list to access later or just hit the “Execute” button to run the script straight away.

Want to know more? I can actually understand your excitement! just go down till the end to get the complete information along with the download link to download the codex executor for your android mobile, iOS devices and Windows pcs.

What is Codex Executor?

Codex executor is currently available for android devices only and it will be available for iOS devices and Windows PCs very soon. On the other hand, Codex is not a keyless executor but the process of getting a key is completely different and easy as well.

It allows you to execute various game scripts such as Blox Fruits Hoho hub, Infinite Yield, etc. The best part is, it comes with a massive script library where you can find tons of free scripts such as Owl Hub, Dark Dex V4, Power Simulator, OP Pet Simulator X GUI, Space X Da Hood GUI, etc.

Codex Executor for Android
Codex Roblox Executor for android

Vision Hub, Catalyst V3, Vape V4, Valynium, Project Evolution V4, Arsenal Hub, Aimhook, Aimbot and ESP are some of the most popular scripts that you can find inside the executor itself. Everything can be found inside the exploit.

If you are good enough to tweak Walk Speed, Jump Power and FPS Settings, it is the best exploit I would say. To find out more about it, do not forget to check out the features section of the executor before you actually download it on your android device. Okay, let’s get started with any further ado.

Download Codex Executor APK for Android Devices

I hope that I have covered important points about codex and I also believe at the same time that you have read about it completely. If yes, just download the codex executor apk for android from below and get started with it right away.

Do you know how to use it? if not, do not hesitate to check out the valuable information shared below. I usually follow the same while I use it on my android device to play some roblox games.

How To Install Codex Executor on Android Devices?

Before you install it, you have to uninstall Roblox named any other executor which is already installed on your mobile device. If done already, you are good to go.

  • Go to Settings of your android device (Mobile or Tablet).
  • Select “Apps” section and choose “Special App Access” option now.
  • Click “Install Unknown Apps” option now.
developer options to install codex executor on android
  • Then, select Google Chrome now and toggle on the button besides the Google Chrome icon. If you use any other browser, select that browser at the beginning of this step and enable the allow from this source option.
  • Once it is enabled, go to Downloads section of your Google Chrome browser.
install the Codex roblox executor apk
  • Hit “Codex_586.apk” file and click “Install” option if you see any such option on the screen.
  • The usual installation process takes about 10 to 15 seconds only. So, do not disturb the process while the Codex Roblox app is getting installed on your android device.
  • Once the installation is over, click either “Open” option or the “Done” option.

That is all about the installation process of the most loved roblox execugtor “Codex”. Want to know how to use it, to get the best out of it, check out the information shared below.

How To Use Codex Roblox Executor To Execute Scripts & Play Games?

  • Find out the “Roblox” app on your android device. Note: The codex app will be named as Roblox and there shoudn’t be any confusions about it.
  • Once it is opened up, tap the Login button and log into roblox by using your login credentials.
  • Once logged in, select the game that you want to play.
  • Pick your side and stay calm until the Codex GUI appears on the screen.
codex exploit user interface on android devices
  • The very next moment, you can hop onto the executor and explore the options such as Editor, Local Scripts, Global Scripts and Settings.
world scripts on codex mobile exploit
  • If you have a script code, you can paste it in the editor and hit the red color Play button to get the script GUI.
  • Otherwise, simply go to Global Scripts and select the script from there and hit the play button now.
  • The GUI will now be opened up and you can start using it instantly.
owl hub script executed on the executor

This is how the actual script execution procedure happens in the executor. If you want any special assistance with regards to the executor or it’s features or about script execution, you may comment below this page to get the help.

Unique Features

A Huge Script Hub

Codex has an inbuilt script hub known as global scripts where you can search for almost any script. So, you don't have to search for the scripts anywhere in the internet. Everything is readily available for you and you just have to hit the "Execute" button to get the GUI of the script.

Availalbe for Mobile & PC

Codex Executor APK is currently available for android devices. If you are an android user, you can download it and install the same on your android mobile or tablet right away. The good news is that the iOS and Windows version are in it's coding stage and we can expect their arrival soon.

Easy Script Execution

It is best known for it's capabilities of the script execution. There is not even a single report from the existing users about the script execution errors. You might have seen many roblox executors experiencing issues such as crashes and lags but it's not the case with the codex roblox executor.


The executor comes handy for people who likes to customize various gaming settings such as FPS, Power and Speed, etc. It has all those three options under Settings. You can set the Unlimited FPS and also customise the Walk Speed and Jump Power on the go.

Regular Updates

It is clearly seen that the executor gets regular updates from the developers (FluxTeam). So, you don't have to worry about the update. To keep track of regular updates, it is recommended to join the official discord channel of the executor (you can find the link in the top menu of this site).

Fresh & User Friendly UI

One more biggest asset of the executor is its UI (User Interface). You can see the clean and neat UI with minimal options. It allows you to navigate easily between the scripts tab to settings and to the editor tab. It's also super convenient to handle the mod menus with this UI.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Codex Executor Free?

Yes! it is a free executor and there are no hidden charges as such.

2. Is Codex Executor Safe?

Yes! it is 100% safe roblox executor and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your information and roblox user data. Moroever, it is secure as well! it is completely free from viruses and malware.

3. Is Codex Exploit A Keyless Executor?

No, it is not a keyless executor. It has a key system through which you can get a free 24 hour key. You can get it easily and directly from it’s official website If you want to know more, read the exact information shared on this page about the codex key system.

4. Is Codex Supported on Mac?

No! it is not a mac app and it cannot be installed on a macbook directly. But, you can still run it on your macbook by using the android emulators such as Bluestacks or Nox Player.

5. Is Codex Available for Windows PCs?

No is a simple sentence but straightforward so, I would like to be straightforward. It is not yet available for windows pcs but according to the developers, it is going to be available for windows pcs very soon.

6. Is Codex Available for iOS Devices?

According to the developers (, the iOS version of the exploit is in it’s development stage. We will post the update about the same as soon as it is available for public.